June 4, 2020

Dear members and friends,

AAF Dallas stands against the racist acts and policies that have destroyed the lives of countless African-Americans. It has infected our country for too long.

We stand for and will continue to promote the equitable, just, and fair treatment of African-Americans and other peoples of color, women, and the LGBTQIA+ communities.

We pledge to uphold our mission of being the “Unifying Voice for Advertising” by continuing to create programming that supports, recognizes, and develops multicultural communities.

Since its inception in 1908, AAF Dallas has served as “The Unifying Voice For Advertising,” working to bring all aspects of the advertising, marketing, and media industries together. Now, more than ever, our top priority MUST continue to be a focus on creating diversity, inclusion and equity within these industries. To achieve this, we will help the industry to:

  • Recruit to Develop an Inclusive Industry
  • Provide Greater Access to Development and Leadership Opportunities
  • Implement Fair Business Practices
  • Recognize the Diversity of Talent Within the Industry
  • Encourage the Industry to Portray Multifaceted Images of Multicultural Communities

To get actionable practices to accomplish these goals, visit the AAF’s Mosaic Center on Multiculturalism at aaf.org/Mosaic. There you will find our Mosaic Principles as well as information on several initiatives designed to increase diversity and inclusion in our industries.

#DoTheWork #RepresentationMatters #InclusionMatters #BlackLivesMatter

Let’s get to work,

AAF Dallas