Member of the Year Award

The Mark Johnson Member of the Year Award

Established April 5, 2005, Mark Johnson Member of the Year Award honors the memory of Mark Johnson, deceased past president from 1997 to 1998 who made a tremendous impact on AAF Dallas. The award is given every year to a member whose beliefs and values align with those demonstrated by Johnson during his years of work for the Dallas Advertising League, now AAF Dallas. These individuals exhibit the greatest commitment to the industry and AAF Dallas through committee involvement, their time and resources invested

Award Description and Criteria

  • The Mark Johnson AAF Dallas Member of the Year is awarded every year to a AAF Dallas member that exhibits the greatest commitment to the industry and the AAF Dallas through committee involvement, by their time and resources invested, and in their positive impact on the organization. Recipients must have demonstrated those qualities through their commitment to the AAF Dallas, by their professional experiences, by their acts of integrity, and investment in other community activities, especially youth activities (such as Boy Scouts), etc.


  • Nominees must work in the advertising or associated industries and must be current, active members of the AAF Dallas.
  • Nominations can be made from the general membership no later than one month before the AAF Dallas board meeting held prior to the awarding of the Mark Johnson Award.
  • The selection committee (comprised of the Immediate Past President, President and 1st Vice President) chooses three (3) members of their choosing and from the open membership nominations for consideration and presents those three to the AAF Dallas board for final selection. Voting is done confidentially and by secret ballot. The finalist is the individual that has the most commitment to the AAF Dallas in their committee involvement, personal time and resources invested, and the positive impact they make on the organization.

Recipient Receives

  • “The Mark Johnson Member of the Year trophy at a consistent event (i.e., AdRoast, Kudos or a luncheon). The recipient will be asked to give a few, brief remarks at the event.
  • A $250 donation is submitted to the Boy Scouts of America in the recipient’s name.
  • Recognition on the AAF Dallas website with a bio and summary of the year’s achievements. This will become an ongoing listing as more recipients are recognized.
  • Consideration for the AAF Silver Medal Award and submitted if achievements qualify.

Funding Requirements

  • Annually: Cost of the award
  • $250 donation to the Boy Scouts of America – Circle 10 Council Memorial Tribute Fund –Form must be filled out each year. Information and forms can be obtained at
  • BSA- Circle 10 Council will send a congratulations.
  • Check should be made out to Circle Ten Boy Scout Foundation
    • PO Box 35726
    • Dallas, TX 75235
    • Contact – Barbara Decker at 214.902.6700
  • Gift is deductible for income tax purposes. Suggest that AAF Dallas check come from the Foundation Fund.


  • The club will present at the designated event and note the presentation in announcements at the next regularly schedule meeting.
  • A news release will be sent to local media, and trade, business and out-of-town media of the recipients choice.
  • Notice on the AAF Dallas web site and in the next regularly schedule newsletter.

Past Reward Recipients

Year AwardedMember AwardedAward DateAward Event
2005Frank KopecJune 9, 2005AdRoast
2006Sean JacksonJune 1, 2006AdRoast
2007Michael TuggleOctober 10, 2007Eagle Awards
2008Gayle BooneJune 17, 2008100 Year Celebration
2009Angelo AntolineJune 9, 2009Luncheon
2010Jennifer LafondJune 10, 2010Luncheon
2011Seth MitchellJuly 11, 2011Luncheon
2012Alex WellsJuly 10, 2012Luncheon
2013James WelshJune 11, 2013Luncheon
2014Sheryl StandiferJune 16, 2014Luncheon
2015Larry BrantleyAugust 11, 2015Luncheon
2016Crystal DeMottAugust 16, 2016Luncheon
2017Frank KopecJune 13, 2017Luncheon

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