Domestic Violence Targeted for Next Ad 2 Dallas Campaign

Ad 2 Dallas will Collaborate with Genesis Women’s Shelter to Change the Conversation on Domestic Violence

(DALLAS, Texas) — In its 4th consecutive annual public service effort for local nonprofits, Ad 2 Dallas has selected Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support as its 2017 – 2018 pro bono client. Nationwide, 4.8 million women are victims of domestic violence and in Texas, 38% of women experience some form of family violence in their lifetime.

“After sitting down with the Genesis leadership team and discovering how dedicated they are to support the victims of domestic violence, our board voted unanimously to help develop a campaign to create awareness of the issue,” said Ad 2 Dallas President Tina Tsang. “It’s saddening to watch as domestic violence has woven itself into our community not only nationally, but here in DFW.”

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support – whose mission is to provide safety, shelter and support for women who have experienced domestic violence and to raise awareness regarding its cause, prevalence and impact – is looking to create a societal shift on how people think about domestic violence.

Over the course of the year, Ad 2 Dallas will work with Genesis on creating and implementing an integrated campaign, including TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital ad placements targeted at increasing awareness and changing the way people think about domestic violence.

“Through this campaign, we want to shift the attitudes of the public towards domestic violence,” said Jan Langbein, CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support. “We will only end this epidemic when everyone comes together and accepts that it is not a private matter – it affects all of us.”

Ad 2 Dallas is looking for volunteers, media donations and access to resources to help develop and execute this campaign. If you’d like to donate, volunteer or help in any way, email [email protected].

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