AAF Dallas Introduces its 2019 Board of Directors

The Dallas chapter of the national nonprofit organization, American Advertising Federation, returns for the 2019-2020 term with an incoming pull of 33 percent new committee chairs.

Dallas, Texas —  The American Advertising Federation (AAF) Dallas chapter announces the appointment of seven new members to its Board of Directors, added to its promising number of fourteen returning members, to serve in its 2019-20 term. This full slate of officers and board members consists of a total of 20 individuals from 19 agencies and industry companies located within the Dallas area.

With the combination of these new and experienced board members, the AAF Dallas strives to continue giving Dallas' advertising community a voice with more forward-thinking and inclusive support than ever before.

New members joining the Board of Directors include Chris Degenaars (Secretary), Amanda Lovewell (Social Media & Public Relations), Abby Westbrook (Marketing Communications), Alicia Kuhn (Social Activities), Kristy Vivian (Programs), Ashlynn Rehmani (Programs), Paolo Linares (Diversity) and John Mitchell (Membership). All of the members have begun serving under new AAF Dallas President Farhan Rehmani.

The 2019-20 AAF Dallas Board members are:

  • Farhan Rehmani (Bestview Digital Advertising), President
  • Allison Farris (AAF Dallas), Executive Director and Ad 2 National Chair
  • Crystal Gonzales (Pandora Radio), Immediate Past President and Treasurer
  • Rosie Rosales (Richards/Lerma), 1st Vice President and Diversity Co-Chair
  • Jimmy Asa (Better Business Bureau), 2nd Vice President and BBB Advisory Co-Chair
  • Hilary Watson (The Marketing Arm), Ad 2 President
  • Chris Degenaars (Long Drive Agency), Secretary
  • Kevin Couch (The Golden Ticket), Government
  • Sandi Edgar (SMU Temerlin Advertising Institute), Education
  • Angelica Ocampo (Strategar), Public Service
  • Sheilena Dorsey (RAPP Agency), Foundation
  • Abby Westbrook (Moroch), Marketing Communications
  • Amanda Lovewell (bloomfield knoble Advertising), Social Media & Public Relations
  • Alicia Kuhn (Dallas Stars), Social Activities
  • Lita Wurst (Better Business Bureau), BBB Advisory Co-Chair
  • Kristy Vivian (Billups), Programs Co-Chair
  • Ashlynn Rehmani (Univision), Programs Co-Chair
  • Paolo Linares (Richards/Lerma), Diversity Co-Chair
  • Colin Hayes (Belo + Company), Membership Co-Chair
  • John Mitchell (MC2 Experience), Membership Co-Chair


About American Advertising Federation Dallas
The AAF Dallas, one of more than 200 chapters a part of the American Advertising Federation, is the oldest civic organization in Dallas and for over 100 years has been representing all facets of the advertising industry. AAF Dallas brings together the best talent in advertising, marketing, media and education by being the unifying voice for advertising.
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