AAF Dallas attends Day on the Hill in Washington DC

D10 at Day on the Hill in DC

AAF Day on the Hill was held on March 6th - 7th in Washington D.C.

As of last year, there was significant debate on how Tax Reform was going to be handled by the Trump Administration. Over the years we have constantly reminded federal and state officials that for every $1 that is spent on advertising, $22 is seen in economic activity, and our 2,400 members were thankful that our industry was currently not taxed and advertising has remained untouched by harsh tax regulations.

As Day on The Hill approached we knew conversations about not only taxes, but the impending winds of data privacy standards were to be as hot buttoned as ever before. AAF partnered with the DAA (Digital Advertising Alliance) to educate us about our positions and ultimately the best course of action moving forward to our legislators in DC.

Below is the AAF’s position on National Privacy Standards:

“The AAF supports a privacy regulatory approach – a new paradigm – that can help regulators, consumers and market participants determine the appropriate treatment of various data practices.

This approach should establish a clear set of rules on a range of harmful and unreasonable data practices that consumers, businesses, and enforcers can rely on. It would also provide one national standard, which means it would preempt broad state privacy laws like California’s – but recognize that any preemptive law needs to provide very strong protections for consumers. Inconsistent local laws, no matter how well-intentioned, create patchwork standards that would break the well-functioning data-driven economy, diminish the value created for consumers, and hurt job creation and innovation.

The approach should not create a one-size-fits-all privacy standard for every piece of data or for every kind of data practice regardless of risk, context, or the sensitivity of the data. An inflexible approach will create barriers to entry for new market participants by raising the risks and costs of holding data, even when privacy harms are remote.”

So as the background on the issues became clear we departed from the office of McDermott, Will, and Emery, the legal counsel for AAF National, and went to meet our legislators on the hill! Our AAF Dallas representatives were able to meet with the following:

  • Senator John Cornyn’s staff
  • Senator Ted Cruz’s staff
  • Rep. John Ratcliffe’s staff (TX-04)
  • Rep. Kenny Marchant (TX-24)

In each meeting we left an economic one-sheeter about how advertising is a fierce component fueling our economy as well as the DAA’s Enforcement In Action 3.0 book (which you can request your own copy of here) a resource guide for all involved in internet marketing, including case studies on multiple items related to the industry.

Looking to the future our team is gearing up for a Day in Austin at the State Capitol to discuss the state issues regarding business, taxes, incentives, etc….that would directly effect our AAF Dallas membership.

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Should you have any questions or want to reach out to the AAF Dallas Government Relations Chair, please don’t hesitate to do so!

Kevin Couch, AAF Dallas Government Relations

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