About Us

 AAF Dallas is the oldest civic organization in the Big D and has been the trusted business partner by connecting our corporate members and sponsors since 1908.

Our working board of volunteers is dedicated to our mission to protect and promote the wellbeing of the advertising industry through our government relationships, to provide thought leadership to our members through innovative programming, to attract top talent by supporting and growing future industry leaders via our Educational Foundation, to foster diversity in advertising, and to honor advertising excellence.

AAF Dallas activities has been recognized nationally- we were the Division 1 (over 500 members) Club of the Year in 2011 and more recently in 2018.

We’re a proud member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the AAF acts as the “Unifying Voice” for 40,000 professionals in the advertising industry. The AAF has a national network of 200 ad clubs located in ad communities across the country.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide thought leadership by discussing the latest trends in technology, creativity and marketing

  • Protect and promote advertising within all levels of government

  • Honor advertising excellence

  • Support and grow future industry leaders via our educational Foundation

  • Promote diversity in advertising

AAF Dallas membership is comprised of more than 1000+ career-minded professionals interested in supporting the Dallas advertising community with industry knowledge and influential relationships. Our membership is employed primarily in the advertising and marketing industry in Dallas and includes CEOs, business owners, VPs, directors, managers, creative directors, account managers, media directors, agency professionals, production professionals educators, and media sales (publishing, broadcast, radio, online).

Past Presidents

2019-PRESENT, Farhan Rehmani
2019-PRESENT, Hilary Watson (Ad 2 Dallas)
2018-2019, Crystal Gonzales
2018-2019, Erika Long (Ad 2 Dallas)
2017-2018, Suzanne La Forgia
2017-2018, Tina Tsang (Ad 2 Dallas)
Troy Lott
2016-2017, Ethan Bailey (Ad 2 Dallas)
Jason Dove
2015-2016, Allison Farris (Ad 2 Dallas)
Larry Brantley
2014-2015, Kala Brock-Stevens (Ad 2 Dallas)
2012-2013, Darynda Jenkins
2011-2012, Angelo Antoline
2010-2011, Gayle Boone
2009-2010, Lindsay Jacaman
2008-2009, Grant Moise
2007-2008, Sean Jackson
2006-2007, Rod Underhill
2005-2006, Richard Jones
2003-2004, Angela Odorfer
2004-2005, Steve Wellman
2002-2003, Dennis C. D’Amico
2001-2002, Tony Scott
2000-2001, Elena Rohweder-Turner
1999-2000, Bryon Morrison
1998-1999, Brandee Knox
1997-1998, Mark Johnson
1996-1997, Tracey (Mahoney) Turner
1995-1996, Bob Kowynia
1994-1995, Maura Allen
1993-1994, Gordon Law
1992-1993, Jim Cole
1991-1992, Scott Hudgins
1990-1991, Marty Gast
1989-1990, Dave Winslow
1988-1989, Robert D. Lee
1987-1988, Stephen V. Morelock
1985-1987, Thomas R. Sandoz, Jr.
1984-1985, James P. (Jim) Goodnight
1983-1984, H. Winfield (Win) Padgett
1982-1983, R. Webb Sherrill
1981-1982, George Arnold
1980-1981, Camille Keith
1978-1979, Charles B. (Chuck) Baker
1977-1978, John A. Wolf
1976-1977, L.R. (Ray) Ward
1975-1976, R. H. Stewart Mitchell
1974-1975, Bill D. Kerss
1973-1974, Donald H. Waddington, Jr.
1972-1973, Gene Cuny
1971-1972, John A. Rector, Jr.
1970-1971, William H. Martin
1969-1970, W.W. (Bill) Aston
1968-1969, Joseph W. James
1967-1968, Barton D. Rominger
1966-1967, Wm. E. Cunningham, Jr.
1965-1966, John J. Coyle
1964-1965, J. Neal Hall
1963-1964, John R. McCarty
1962-1963, Bill Wagley
1961-1962, George J. Watts
1960-1961, Lloyd Price
1959-1960, H.M. Walne
1958-1959, Will H. Rogers
1957-1958, J. Frank Parker
1956-1957, Loflin E. Harwood
1955-1956, Frank P. McGowan
1954-1955, Clifton Blackmon
1953-1954, John L. Briggs
1952-1953, Rex V. Lentz
1951-1952, G. Duffield Smith
1951, James M. Floyd
1950-1951, T.J. McHale
1949-1950, P.M. Rutherford, Jr.
1948-1949, W. A. Roberts
1947-1948, L. C. Roberts
1946-1947, Joe A. Lubben
1945-1946, Ira E. DeJernett
1944-1945, Don L. Baxter
1943-1944, Thelma Gaines
1942-1943, R.L. Johnson
1941-1942, Stanley Campbell
1940-1941, Laurence R. Melton
1939-1940, Dudley B. Kennedy
1938-1939, Margaret Evans
1937-1938, Sig H. Badt
1936-1937, Willard G. Wiegel
1935-1936, Jordan C. Ownby
1934-1935, J. Richad Brown
1933-1934, William S. Henson
1932-1933, Will C. Grant
1931-1932, Charles Bennett Mills
1929-1930, Roy Cowan
1928-1929, George B. Latham
1927-1928, Lorry A. Jacobs
1926-1927, Joe Marion Dawson
1925-1926, Alfonso Johnson
1924-1925, Beeman Fisher
1923-1924, Herbert Stellmacher
1922-1923, Milburn Hobson
1921-1922, Shearon Bonner
1920-1921, Cap. W. A. Wynee
1919-1920, W. R. Patterson
1918-1919, J. Howard Payne
1917-1918, J.C. Phelps
1916-1917, Maj. H.W. O. Kinnard
1915-1916, Alfred T. Lloyd
1914-1915, Ike I. Lorch
1913-1914, Richard Haughton, Sr.
1912-1913, A.G. (Bert) Chaney
1908-1912, Fred E. Johnston
1908, George W. Baker