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Advertising is a tough, competitive business. It’s not for the meek or faint of heart. And a little sage advice can go a long way.

UntitledThe AAFuture Dallas Mentorship Program gives veteran and young ad professionals the opportunity to be mentors to those just breaking into the advertising world. Participants can meet occasionally for small chats or can commit to meet once a month for three or six month intervals. Discuss topics ranging from resume building to industry trends.



What past participants have said about AAFuture Dallas

“I feel the mentorship program is really great and productive. And the personal mentor can be very specific about the area I am interested in.” – Jingya Huang, Associate, Fall 2012 Program

“I’ve been able to approach my mentor with any industry-related questions and he has even helped me tweak my resume. In addition to the help and advice he has given me, I have also been able to meet a number of experienced advertising professionals through him. Overall, this is a great program and I’ve gotten a lot out of it. – Anthony Aguilar, Associate, Fall 2012 Program

“I’m incredibly grateful this program exists. It’s been a great opportunity. Thank you again, AAF Dallas, for the time and energy you’ve put forth. Because of you all, I’m still meeting up with my mentor and learning many valuable things.” – CJ Cobianco, Associate, Fall 2012 Program

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