Member and Volunteer Recognition

AAF Dallas is supported by a large team of active community volunteers. We are a diverse team of people from various advertising and marketing backgrounds with an array of experience, education and professional training. In recognition for their hard work and support of our community, we award a Board Member of the Month and Volunteer of the Month at each of our luncheons.

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Board Member of the Month

Board Member of the Month has been awarded to the following individuals:

February 2016, Heather Williams
January 2016, Carrie Miller
December 2015, Crystal DeMott
October 2015, Rich Alfano
September 2015, Candice Paddock
August 2015, Troy Lott
April 2015, Jaime Vazquez
March 2015, Toby Adams
January 2015, Jo Trizila
November 2014, Carrie Miller
October 2014, Crystal DeMott
September 2014, Jason Dove
August 2014, Jordan Lee

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month has been awarded to the following individuals:

February 2016, Jesse Chacon
January 2016, Doug Valva
December 2015, Randy Anderson
October 2015, Sherri Moody
September 2015, Ron Kerns
August 2015, Cory Kilduff
April 2015, Katie Hill-Mudd
March 2015, Christianne Knorr
January 2015, Troy Lott
November 2014, Shiraz Sultan
October 2014, Keleigh Milliorn
September 2014, Sherri Moody
August 2014, Shella Kiser

Ready to Get Involved?

When you volunteer your time, whether a little or a lot, you become part of the AAF Dallas community. Learn how you can help AAF Dallas and our community.